A Look Back at 2017

A Look Back at 2017

Posted 01/08/2018 by admin

The team of medical professionals and plastic surgeons serving St. Louis at West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University is looking forward to a fantastic 2018 by looking back on a few of the things that made 2017 such a great year. Even as the first days of a new year unfold, it’s good to pause, reflect, and remember what brought us to where we are now:

  • We started 2017 by celebrating the acquisition of two new lasers for reducing wrinkles and unwanted hair, removing pigmented lesions, destroying spider veins, and more. While the focused move to expand our services far beyond plastic surgery options started in 2016, the ball really got rolling in the early days of the new year.

  • By March, we had seen the results of the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) survey, revealing industry trends and changes from year to year. The numbers confirmed what we’d seen in the practice: Plastic surgery is on the rise, with breast augmentation continuing to be the most popular surgery and BOTOX® (and similar injectables) sitting as the most popular treatment—nonsurgical or surgical—of all.

  • In May, we noted in the blog our ongoing work with the ASPS in exploring the benefits of breast augmentation via fat grafting. This was just one example of the numerous studies and papers our doctors either published or advanced throughout 2017.

  • In October, the US FDA approved BOTOX® for a third cosmetic use, with horizontal forehead lines joining frown lines and crow’s feet as conditions that are officially recognized as treatable by the government. While more uses of BOTOX®—cosmetic and medical—are routinely employed by doctors every day throughout the country, the green light served as yet another nod to the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world.

Much more happened throughout the year, of course (Did you see all of the publications and studies we mentioned? More than a dozen!), but it’s time now to focus our collective gaze on what’s to come. Happy 2018!

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