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  • Sheila

    A Story Half Told

    Sheila McGlown has retired from the military and become an advocate in the breast cancer community after being treated for metastatic breast cancer and undergoing breast reconstruction by West County Plastic Surgeon Marissa Tenenbaum.
  • Get Smooth Results

    Get Smooth Results

    At a certain age, it seems to happen. Our once svelte torsos shift, sag and settle. Dr. Terry Myckatyn is one of three St. Louis County plastic surgeons discussing treatment for excess skin in this article by Connie Mitchell.
  • Breast cancer patient

    Breast Cancer Patient Tells Story

    Erica Griffin tells her story of receiving treatment for stage III breast cancer at Siteman Cancer Center. Hear Erika's story and West County plastic surgeons describe their considerations and treatment for breast cancer.
  • Patient in kayak

    Undaunted Courage

    Reconstructive breast cancer patient paddles a swift 340-mile stretch of the Missouri River, one of many activities that speak to an active lifestyle. Dr. Terry Myckatyn performed the surgery.
  • Coolsculpting

    Would you freeze away fat? KSDK story

    West County Plastic Surgeons is offering an alternative to liposuction without the surgery or down-time. Surgeon Marissa Tenenbaum, MD, is featured in the KSDK story.

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