Sherri'S STORY

Age: 41

Procedures: Breast Reconstruction

Why did you come to see us?
I went to Dr. Myckatyn for breast reconstruction following a bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer.

What did the physician recommend?
Dr. Myckatyn recommended an initial surgery, placing expanders, followed by saline fills at a level that I felt comfortable with and at intervals that I was comfortable with, and ending with newly available implants that were more naturally shaped and had little to no wrinkling.

Why did you choose West County Plastic Surgeons?
A coworker who had post-mastectomy reconstruction performed by Dr. Myckatyn was very happy with her results and encouraged me to visit with Dr. Myckatyn.

What was the timeline from consultation to surgery to recovery?
My initial surgery was in August and second was in April.

What positive experiences did you experience at every step? 
I was amazed through the whole process. The entire office, especially Marilyn and Dr. Myckatyn, were so personable. It was so impressive that someone with their expertise could be so personable. They always had time for my questions and concerns and made me feel special. It was so comforting to know I was in the hands of the best.

How do you feel about the results of your surgery?
Words cannot express how happy I am with the results. I never imagined that I would look and feel this good and natural after my mastectomy.

How have the results changed your life?
No words for how this changed my life. After my mastectomy, I would not even undress in front of my husband. The reconstruction has not only restored my self-confidence, but it has improved it to a level higher than pre-cancer life. 

If you were to recommend West County Plastic Surgery to friends, what would you tell them about us?
I would (and do) tell them that it gives you peace of mind to know you are in the hands of the best in the nation.

I have also heard such horror stories from other survivors and insist to them that reconstruction does not have to be a horrible experience because I achieved beautiful results with very little discomfort.

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