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Enjoy the Results of Collagen Induction Therapy and PRP in St. Louis

Microneedling at the St. Louis-based West County Plastic Surgeons' spa is an innovation in aesthetic medicine for treating the appearance of fine lines and acne scars, as well as improving the skin's overall appearance. The highly trained and experienced aestheticians will glide a sterile, single-use, surgical-grade disposable needle tip across your skin to create superficial micro-injuries. This technique, also known as collagen induction therapy or CIT, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, known as re-epithelialization, leading to a smoother skin color and texture.

Every person has unique skin needs and requirements. At West County Plastic Surgeons' spa, microneedling will usually take 60 minutes, which includes a topical numbing phase. The variable needle depth feature afforded by microneedling enables your professional aesthetician to customize your treatment for best clinical results. Each small channel made in the skin prompts a healing response, but leaves no permanent mark behind. The healing processes repair the tiny wound, as well as improve the health and look of surrounding skin.

Dr. Terry Myckatyn, MD and Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum, MD

Dr. Terry Myckatyn and
Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum:

Trusted. Experienced. Committed.

Microneedling at a Glance

  • Anesthesia: Topical.
  • Length of procedure: Up to 60 minutes.
  • Estimated recovery time: None. You can get right back to what you were doing!
  • Side effects: Some mild redness and/or swelling.
  • Price: $300 per treatment, or three for $800.

Today was my second microneedling procedure with my Esthetician Jennifer McGoogan. I am so happy with my results so far. Wrinkles and acne scars have softened and some completely disappeared. Jennifer is so nice and professional. She has answered all my questions each visit and explained what to expect afterward. I highly recommend West County Plastic Surgeons and look forward to my next procedure with Jennifer.

–M.T., Google Reviews, August 2018

*Patient testimonial. Individual results may vary.

Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelets are parts of blood cells that are known for their regenerative properties. To create platelet-rich plasma (an injectable containing a high concentration of a patient's own platelets), blood is extracted from another part of the body, then spun in a centrifuge. This motion allows the platelets to separate from other components. Once separated, they can be concentrated for reinjection.

PRP, as the treatment is known, is used for both medical and cosmetic procedures. The platelets' healing ability revitalizes tissues where injected or absorbed.

Platelet-rich plasma can be combined with and enhance the results from microneedling sessions as part of a facial to reduce signs of aging and skin damage, such as lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. This is sometimes referred to as a "vampire facial," due to blood being a vital component in the treatment.

The micro-punctures from the initial microneedling allow concentrated platelets to better penetrate the skin. PRP is believed to accelerate healing when used topically before or after a microneedling session.

More Skin Rejuvenation Options

Beyond microneedling, other spa services available at West County Plastic Surgeons include dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, facials, and more. Our aestheticians work to develop personalized treatment plans that deliver long-lasting desired results. Many spa options can complement other skincare solutions and even surgical procedures.

To learn more about microneedling in St. Louis, contact West County Plastic Surgeons' spa at (314) 996-8800 or send a message online.

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