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What Causes Expression Wrinkles?

In the past, many dermal fillers were thought to be overly stiff and too unnatural looking on the face if used to address dynamic wrinkles. Revance’s fillers at our St. Louis-based practice—known as the RHA® Collection—are the first-ever fillers to be approved for use on areas of the face that move repetitively to reduce the appearance of

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3 Tips for Preventing Sagging Skin After Massive Weight Loss

Significant weight loss, which can be defined as shedding 100 pounds or more of excess weight, is a life-changing experience. There are major benefits for your health and self-image—such as improving sleep quality at night, being in a better mood, experiencing less depression, lowering anger, addressing fatigue, and improving brain function. However, one of the

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4 Facelift Aftercare Tips for Your Skin

Minimally invasive techniques can be used to lift your skin slightly and reduce wrinkles, but the most long-lasting and effective way of correcting sagging facial skin is with a facelift. Surgery is also the ideal way to tighten jowls and sagging skin around the neckline while also repairing weakened neck muscles at the same time.

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What Should You Expect After Having Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction can help many patients feel more confident about themselves, along with improving the balance and proportions of their bodies. While many patients look forward to their results, they also wonder what the recovery phase will be like after having breast reconstruction surgery and how it may be similar or different to what happens

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What Causes Laugh Lines and How Can You Address Them?

Have you recently noticed deepening wrinkles between your nose and the corners of your mouth whenever you smile or laugh? Laughter may be strong medicine, but perhaps the only possible drawback is that your skin often pays the price due to being pulled in different directions whenever you make an expression. The wrinkles that show

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How to Prepare on the Day of Your JUVEDERM® Treatment

Decades ago, people who watched as their cheeks sank in, jowls formed, and their first wrinkles appeared on their faces due to collagen loss, they had no choice but to accept them. There’s no way to fully prevent the effects of gravity and intrinsic aging from taking their toll—but today, we have the option of

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Which Cosmetic Procedures Should You Have This Spring?

As most surgical and even many non-invasive procedures don’t reveal their results right away, it can take at least a few weeks before a patient sees the full results of their treatment. In most cases, a procedure performed in the springtime means you’ll feel confident about your look by the time summer is here again.

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5 Tips for Fixing Your Posture After Plastic Surgery

Ever wondered why everyone stresses the importance of “sitting up straight?” From an early age, parents and teachers tell us that keeping our body in proper alignment is important. Turns out, they’re actually right. Great posture not only makes you look several pounds lighter, creates the illusion of your abs being more sculpted, helps you

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What Are the Best Implant Positions for Breast Augmentation?

When you’re having breast augmentation with implants, expect to have numerous discussions with your surgeon about what size, fillings, textures, placements, and incision types will be most suitable for you depending on many factors. Your anatomy, body shape, lifestyle, and aesthetic taste will all be taken into account when making these decisions. Although most people

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