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Will the Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

Liposuction, which involves the surgical removal of fat cells from beneath the skin on targeted areas of the body, has increased in popularity in recent years. The procedure can reduce the volume of stubborn, diet-resistant fat on areas both large and small, from the abdomen and flanks to the neck below the chin. Industry leaders expect statistics from 2021 to show that this body contouring procedure has surpassed even the popularity of breast augmentation, one of the most highly requested procedures each year in the United States. Despite its popularity, however, patients who are undergoing liposuction often worry about whether the fat will return to the areas that have been treated. As experienced providers of many forms of cosmetic surgery in St. Louis, the physicians at West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University can address any concerns patients have during their consultation, as well as answer any questions they have relating to their fat-reducing procedure of preference. 

The great thing about liposuction is that it physically removes the fat cells themselves from typical problem areas on the body. This reduces belly bulges, love handles, back fat, muffin tops, and batwings or bingo wings on the upper arms. But does that mean the fat is gone forever? It’s true that the cells that are removed are gone for good, and you most likely won’t have to worry about that area on your body gaining weight again because fat cells don’t have the ability to regenerate. Your body fat distribution will be modified. 

However, patients do need to continue to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, such as a balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain their body shape. If you were to gain a large amount of weight, the influx could cause the remaining fat cells in the treatment area to become enlarged, or the fat could be distributed to other areas of the body, creating new trouble zones because the body needs an area to store it. 

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