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Breast Reduction: Can Taking Some Weight From Your Bust Also Take Away Your Back Pain?

When your body alignment and center of gravity change as a result of the strain of developing very large breasts, the shift can lead to chronic discomfort. Pain in the shoulders, upper back, and neck is common among women who have breasts that are size DD or larger, as are other symptoms, such as bra grooving on the shoulders, rashes, posture issues, skin infections due to heat generated below the breasts, shortness of breath, and numbness in the arms. Along with these symptoms, overly large breasts can make it difficult to exercise, fit into clothing, or get daily tasks done. If heavy breasts are getting in your way, breast reduction surgery from our St. Louis-based team could be an ideal way to address the continuous discomfort. Although other strategies—like weight loss and over-the-counter pain relievers—can temporarily stop some of the discomfort, the only lasting way to get relief may be to change the size and shape of your breasts so that you no longer have to experience painful symptoms.

During a breast reduction, your surgeon will remove excess skin, tissue, and fat, then reshape the breasts to improve their overall balance and proportions when compared to the rest of the body. Your breasts will also be tightened and lifted to a perky, aesthetically pleasing position so that they won’t droop after some of the fat and skin have been removed. Although some results will be noticeable right away once the volume and mass decrease, it might take several months before the swelling resolves, scars lighten, and the full outcome from the surgery can be seen.

Breast reduction is said to have one of the highest satisfaction rates of all types of plastic surgery procedures. According to surveys, the majority of people who have this procedure are pleased with their cosmetic results. It’s considered to be a safe, effective way of alleviating back pain when you’ve exhausted other, non-invasive options.

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