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A Brief Overview of Incisions for Breast Implants in St Louis

Patients interested in learning more about breast augmentation can see where the West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University blog has already discussed implant types and shapes. Another major important decision for women considering breast implants in St. Louis is incision placement.

The three main incisions used at West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University are inframammary (made just below the breast itself), periareolar (made where color transitions from the darker areola to lighter breast skin), and transaxillary (made in the underarm area).

There is also a transumbilical incision, which is made in the navel.

Each incision offers unique benefits for breast implant insertion. In general, incisions made on or near the breast itself allow for ease of access and precise positioning, but do involve leaving marks where sutures are removed and scar tissue forms. Dr. Terry Myckatyn and Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum make every effort to camouflage the incisions in natural lines and creases on the breast, but some women still prefer to have the incisions made elsewhere.

More distant incisions keep any potential scarring or visible lines away from the breast itself, but they also limit access and precision. That said, Dr. Tenenbaum and Dr. Myckatyn are experienced with the range of available breast implant incisions, working to provide the best results possible no matter the procedure specifics.

Note that while incision placement depends greatly on a patient’s preference, certain breast implant types require specific incisions. A pre-filled gel implant, for instance, can’t fit through a small incision like an empty saline implant can, since implants that are filled once in position take up less space on their way in.

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