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How to Know if Fat Grafting Might Be Right for You

Two of the most common procedures sought out by people considering cosmetic surgery are liposuction to remove excess fat and fillers or injectables that can restore volume to areas of the face where signs of aging have developed. But why undergo two separate procedures when one combined session will do? Fat grafting undergone at our St. Louis practice can take the place of other fillers and injectables under the correct circumstances—and can provide multiple benefits.

Fat grafting is a procedure that involves fat cells being harvested from a certain area using liposuction, then transferred or grafted by injecting them into another area where they can correct creases, dimples, grooves, and deformities. This natural fat from your own body has the advantage of being more compatible and longer lasting than substitutes, such as hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. While the list of uses for this technique is ever-expanding, there are currently several ideal candidates for fat grafting.

Fat grafting can be an excellent tool for those in need of partial breast reconstruction or reconstructed breast revision following cancer treatment. In this situation, it’s important to wait until your doctor gives the green light, but the graft can add to a new or previous reconstructive surgery to restore more natural-looking breasts.

Patients seeking to increase volume and reduce creases between their cheeks and below their eyes can also utilize fat grafts. A solution that lasts for years has a certain appeal that new injections every few months do not for certain patients.

Finally, fat grafting can be used to correct contour deformities all over the body following traumatic injuries or surgery. Brain surgery, removal of tumors, or even previous liposuction operations can result in unwanted divots on the arms, legs, trunk, or head. Fat grafts take the place of this missing tissue and create a smoother, more uniform surface.

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