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What’s the Difference? Three JUVEDERM® Options

While all of the fillers in the JUVEDERM® family share a name and basic qualities—they’re all injectables in gel form with a hyaluronic acid base—they also differ in key ways. The unique qualities that set them apart give them distinct advantages when used to address various signs of aging on the face, which is why West County Plastic Surgeons offers JUVEDERM® in St. Louis for women and men looking to get a more youthful look without opting for surgery.

VOLLURE™ is for injection into the area to the side of the nose and mouth, where lines that form due to collagen loss create the look of parenthesis. Technically known as nasolabial folds, these can be addressed by Vollure™, which has volume-adding properties known to last up to a year and a half—an improvement of six months over earlier formulas with the same facial focus.

VOLBELLA® has a dual purpose: It can be used to smooth out fine lines that radiate outward from the mouth, making the entire area look more youthful. Its subtle volume can also be used to plump thin lips for a fuller smile. Both of these options have effects that can be expected to last about a year under ideal conditions.

VOLUMA® is the longest-lasting of the JUVEDERM® fillers, as well as the member of the line that focuses more on improving facial contours than smoothing wrinkles. Injections to the mid-face fill in hollows that develop as collagen recedes and facial fat shifts downward due to the full of gravity. This added volume lifts sagging cheeks and gives the apples a desired roundness.

These fillers can be used separately or together, as well as combined with other treatments.

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