We offer skin-care products that we have found to be the most effective based on the experience of our plastic surgeons and aestheticians.This experience has led to the development of strong relationships with 2 premier skincare vendors and many sun-protection options. Both products can create a gradual change to a more aggressive approach within the skin based on goals and our professional recommendations. Not only is every patient’s skin-care needs affected by their skin type, but also by the time of the year, travel and social schedule, and other surgical and skin-care plans. We will customize your skin-care regimen based on the products that meet your specific needs, including pharmaceutical-grade products like Retin–A.

Dr. Terry Myckatyn, MD and Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum, MD

Dr. Terry Myckatyn and
Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum:

Trusted. Experienced. Committed.

We highly recommend a consultation with one of our licensed aestheticians for a therapeutic and relaxing facial and skin-care analysis.

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