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Relax and Enjoy Your Treatment in St. Louis

The spa services at St. Louis’ West County Plastic Surgeons start with a relaxing experience in a serene setting and result in refreshed, rejuvenated skin that can appear brighter, healthier, and more youthful. Our aestheticians work closely with each guest to customize the visit, tailoring each treatment or series of treatments to the person.

To schedule your appointment for spa services in St. Louis, MO, contact the West County Plastic Surgeons office by phoning (314) 996-8800 or requesting your consultation online.


Because microneedling uses tiny needles to stimulate the production of healthy protein molecules in the skin, it is also known as collagen induction therapy. This spa service takes about an hour, requires no recovery time, and can improve both tone and texture, reducing the visibility of fine lines and the severity of acne scars.


The outermost layers of skin that everyone sees are the oldest, most "worn-out" dead skin cells that have made their way to the surface. Dermaplaning is a specialized spa service that involves a trained and licensed aesthetician using a blade to manually remove these unwanted cells for a brighter, fresher look. No recovery is necessary after this half-hour session.


Pores can easily become plugged, trapping oil and more. This causes blackheads (open to the air) and whiteheads (closed off) to form. With extraction, an aesthetician gently clears out the trapped material for clearer skin. After the 30- to 60-minute spa service, pores can look smaller and the skin can have an overall smoother texture.


Peels are among the most versatile spa services at West County Plastic Surgeons. The solutions used to trigger skin flaking away vary in strength and can be left on for varying amounts of time in order to achieve desired results. Superficial chemical peels focus on the outermost layers of the face, hands, and elsewhere, with sessions as short as 20 minutes. Medium-depth chemical peels are stronger, penetrating deeper to remove more layers and produce a more dramatic result. These peels require three to five days of recovery as the skin heals.


Spa services that incorporate a range of strategies to relax and improve the look and health of the face are collectively known as facials. The West County Plastic Surgeons team offers numerous types of facials to clear out pores, remove fine hair, rejuvenate the skin, and provide some down time—some even include a massage! HydraFacial® is a highly customizable treatment that combines extractions, infusions of serums, and hydration into a single session. Photo Facials offers a twist on the classic facial idea, using intense pulsed light to counter signs of aging caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Many of these spa services can be combined for a truly pampering and revitalizing experience.

If you have questions or would like to book a consultation with one of the surgeons at West County Plastic Surgery, please call (314) 996-8800.

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