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Face Procedures

Address Changes to Contours, Texture, Tone, and More in St. Louis

Dr. Terry Myckatyn and Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum, both board-certified plastic surgeons, offer a full array of face procedures in St. Louis at West County Plastic Surgeons. This includes surgical facial plastic surgery procedures, as well as nonsurgical procedures to help rejuvenate and freshen a patient's look.

Aging of the face and neck is very complex. We can evaluate and address the entirety of the face and neck and offer solutions to help restore a more youthful but natural appearance. To address more than one concern, facial surgical procedures are often combined or supplemented with noninvasive anti-aging solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Before and after face procedures, we recommend medicalgrade skincare to improve skin quality and enhance your results. We will guide you through the best plan tailored to suit your wishes. We strive for natural results at West County Plastic Surgeons.

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Better known as a facelift, this face procedure address tissue laxity and other signs of aging on the lower third of the face. The surgery can tighten sagging tissue on the neck and jawline for more definition, as well as smooth out creases known as nasolabial folds. One variation, the short-scar facelift, is ideal for patients whose lower face and jawline need work, but whose neck is not marked by large amounts of loose skin.

Forehead Lift

A forehead or brow lift serves to address signs of aging on the uppermost region of the face, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles there, as well as changing the position and shape of the eyebrows as desired. This face procedure can also provide some lift to drooping upper eyelids.


Aging can cause skin above and below the eyes to lose its elasticity. Upper eyelid surgery corrects the problems that cause drooping that can change the look of the eye area, as well as intrude on a person's field of vision. Lower eyelid surgery addresses sagging and puffiness that can contribute to an aged and tired look.

Nose Surgery

An open or closed rhinoplasty can accomplish significant change by altering the projection, proportion, size, shape, and other elements of the nose. This is a highly customizable face procedure, with each patient’s nose requiring a unique approach in order to create results that appear natural.

Facial Implants

Certain key features of the face provide desirable shape and contour, which is why some patients opt for facial implants when it comes to considering face procedures. Options include cheek implants to alter the mid-face contours and chin implants to create a more prominent jaw and bring increased definition to the jawline.


Surgical fat removal via liposuction is an ideal way to contour a neck marked by stubborn pockets of fat. The face procedure can be performed on its own, but is frequently combined with other surgeries and treatments to rejuvenate the whole face.

Nonsurgical Options

The West County Plastic Surgeons team offers a range of skincare solutions for patients who are not yet ready for surgical face procedures or to complement the effects of a more dramatic change.

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