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Three Ways to Celebrate After a Successful Rhinoplasty

Addressing a part of your appearance you are dissatisfied with is one of the most confidence-boosting things you can do. It is no surprise, then, that the numbers of cosmetic surgery procedures in St. Louis and across the United States are on the rise.

However, if you have been embarrassed by a part of yourself for a long time, it can be hard to really take advantage of your new appearance. That process can be different based on each patient and the cosmetic procedures they choose to undergo, but here are some easy suggestions for patients looking to make the most of one in particular: rhinoplasty.

Prior to your procedure, you might have done anything and everything to distract people from your nose—but it is one of your face’s most defining features! The only question is how best to emphasize it. If you wear glasses and a style change is in your budget, some new lightweight frames might be in order. A new pair of sunglasses is always an option for those blessed with 20-20 vision. If neither of those hit the mark, now might be the time to get that piercing you have always wanted. Just be sure to consult with your doctor to ensure that your nose tissue has fully healed first.

People put just as much of themselves online nowadays as they do in person, so it only makes sense that your new nose should have an online presence, too. Take plenty of new pictures to show your long-distance friends on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Some of those new selfies will make great profile pictures. Don’t forget to update any professional social media as well, such as LinkedIn or your current page on your employer’s website.

Last but not least, take some time to stop and smell the flowers. This is a good reminder for everyone to slow down their daily grind and appreciate the little things, regardless of recent cosmetic surgery. However, if your rhinoplasty included a septoplasty (an adjustment of the interior of the nose and airways) then you may find those flowers full of new and beautiful aromas. No need to stop at botany! Feel free to throw in a cooking class or trip to a nice restaurant and rediscover your favorite scents and flavors.

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