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What Should You Know Before Having a Facelift?

Even though so many non-surgical options are now available for facial rejuvenation—such as injectable neuromodulators and fillers—facial cosmetic surgery from our St. Louis-based West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University is typically the best way of counteracting more severe signs of aging, such as sagging skin around the lower face and jawline area.

If you don’t feel that you look like yourself anymore when you look in the mirror, a facelift remains one of the most effective techniques to restore a younger and more pleasing appearance. An increasingly large group of younger people are now seeking out this procedure as well. Since the skin regenerates more quickly when you’re younger, the healing process is often easier, recovery is faster, and scars are less noticeable compared to when you have a facelift when you’re decades older. Not to mention, your results will usually look more natural. Regardless of what age you’re choosing to have a facelift, however, here’s what you should consider. 

Your Motivation for Having Surgery

People choose to have plastic surgery for all kinds of reasons. It’s best to maintain realistic expectations and be sure that you are making the decision for yourself—not because you feel pressured or want to make someone else happy. You should already feel good about yourself and be comfortable with who you are, but simply want to improve your facial appearance. Also, remember that plastic surgery won’t make you look like someone else, such as your favorite celebrity. It will simply enhance your natural features. It’s best not to have plastic surgery if you’re going through emotional trauma such as depression or grief. 

Whether It’s the Right Procedure for You

You’ve already established that you simply want to look like a younger, rejuvenated version of yourself instead of someone else. Most people want to look younger but don’t necessarily want a dramatic change to their appearance. Patients who have a good bone structure—such as high cheekbones along with a strong jawline and chin—are ideal candidates. On the other hand, the procedure may be less successful if you have a weak bone structure or severe sun damage.  

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