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The Benefits of collagen induction

Platelets are an amazing component in our blood, given that they can rush to virtually any part of the body to initiate healing. Devoted primarily to clotting so they can close up wounds, their unique ability can be harnessed for other benefits when they are selectively collected, concentrated, and injected with precision, as with platelet-rich plasma (collagen induction) at St. Louis’ West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University. While collagen induction has a multitude of uses, two of its main applications are in hair restoration treatments and facials.


Hair Restoration

Androgenic hair loss, which is hereditary and not caused by stress or other temporary environmental factors, occurs as follicles naturally weaken and gradually stop properly growing hair. As more and more follicles succumb to the problem, hair can thin and begin to show bald patches. collagen induction injections have been shown to stimulate failing follicles, prompting them to return to more typical activity.



The repair that platelets perform is typically associated with cuts and other injuries, but their healing mission can also be turned to skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, other environmental factors, and aging itself. Injected into facial skin, collagen induction works to promote collagen production, improve tone and texture, and give the skin an overall more youthful look.


Cosmetic uses for collagen induction—which has also been increasingly studied and applied in the medical community—are continuing to expand, which is why the West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University team will continue to watch for applications that can benefit patients in the St. Louis area and beyond. For more information, send a message online or call (314) 996-8800.