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Rhinoplasty: Nose Reshaping with Plastic Surgery

In 2019, it’s incredible to observe the degree to which technological advances have transformed the field of cosmetic surgery, especially when compared to what was available just a few decades ago. In the St. Louis area, the plastic surgery-focused team at West County Plastic Surgeons has seen procedures become safer, more accessible, and more cost-effective than ever before.

Referred to in medical terminology as a rhinoplasty, the nose job is a mainstay of the industry, as a beneficiary of the constantly improving techniques. As reported in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ recent statistics, it was the third most common form of cosmetic surgery performed in the United States in the previous year.

The surgical procedure itself can last up to three or four hours and can become complex, depending on the particular case. For this reason, it’s always best for patients to “do their homework” when it comes to selecting a surgeon by talking to family and friends, reviewing options online, and—most importantly—fully communicating their questions and cosmetic goals to any potential provider.

With a closed surgery, which involves incisions made entirely within the nose, there is no external scarring and usually little to no swelling. An open surgery, which is a more intensive procedure, allows surgeons to view and access the underlying structures and tissues more easily. Either way, the surgeon will use the incision as access for removing tissue, grafting in new tissue, or reshaping tissues as desired and necessary. The internal changes can make a significant cosmetic difference, as well as improve the nose’s function.

Recovery does take some time. Rhinoplasty patients will have a splint placed along with gauze and dressings to keep the structure of the nose intact. The splint should stay in place for a couple of weeks.. The nose tends to heal gradually, with the ultimate visible results of the surgery often taking about a year to be seen.

Some of the most commonly perceived problem areas for patients include humps on the bridge of the nose or an overly hooked or beaky nose shape. Plastic surgeons can correct almost any aspect of the nose patients feel self-conscious about, from the tip to the shape, length, width or angle.

For more information on rhinoplasty—or plastic surgery in general—contact the physicians at West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University by filling out a short online form or calling 314.996.8800.