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Botox in St. Louis is a Growing Option for Men

“Brotox”—a recently developed slang term for BOTOX® injections for men—is increasing in popularity around the country, lending proof to the idea that concern about aging is now a cross-gender phenomenon. BOTOX® in St. Louis is no exception to this trend.

Lines, double chins, or sagging skin can be as concerning for men looking to keep up their appearance as they are for women. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons documented 410,913 instances of men using BOTOX® and similar injections in 2014, which is a 337 percent increase in usage since 2000.
The Brotox trend can offer men a few distinct competitive advantages. It gives them a unique edge in a down economy. It offers a younger, more youthful look, which can be an advantage in a tough environment to find work. Prospective employers do tend to equate youthfulness with energy.

It can also simply make you feel better, as well as more energetic. It is no longer something just for women. BOTOX® injections are a viable option for men to look younger and succeed in new ways.

There are a few things men should consider before undergoing this procedure. When dealing with BOTOX® or any type of plastic surgery, it is important to choose an experienced doctor. Results can greatly vary between male and female patients, and it’s best to deal with someone who has dealt with the effects of BOTOX® injections in male patients.

Attitudes toward BOTOX® for men are swiftly changing, and it has become a more viable option for guys to give themselves an edge. In fact, BOTOX® in St. Louis is a key indicator of this shift in attitudes. The team at West County Plastic Surgeons can help develop a customized plan for any man seeking to take more control of his own appearance. Contact the office to learn more.