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Why Does Your Skin Need Hyaluronic Acid?

One of the reasons why the Revance RHA® fillers at our St. Louis-based practice blend in so well with the skin and adapt so seamlessly into facial movements is because they’re made with a clean, pure form of hyaluronic acid that is much more similar to the type found in your skin when compared to the ingredients of other popular facial fillers. While you may have heard about this important filler ingredient before, what you might be wondering is, “What exactly is hyaluronic acid, and what can it do for your skin?” Although many people focus on cosmetic skin issues like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, dry skin is a common problem that is sometimes ignored—and hyaluronic acid may be one of the best ways to alleviate the issue. 

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a group of sugar molecules that can be found in various areas of the body, including the skin. In fact, half of the HA molecules present in the body is found in the skin. The main benefit of hyaluronic acid is providing hydration to your skin, along with the other areas of the body where it forms. The sugar attracts and binds to water molecules so that water content in the area is increased. Chronological aging—along with environmental stressors like ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, cigarette smoke, and air pollution—causes the production of your body’s natural hyaluronic acid to decrease. 

This decrease leads to drier skin that has more of a tendency to develop wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of aging. When the skin is dry, the skin barrier also can’t function properly. When you keep your skin moisturized with topical forms of hyaluronic acid such as serums and creams, it helps to make the surface look smoother, firmer, and less wrinkled. Redness and dermatitis may also be improved.

Although Revance RHA® fillers won’t actually add moisture to the skin, they do add volume below the skin to replace the collagen and hydration that are lost due to aging or other causes. 

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