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Male Breast Reduction Patients Can Look Forward to Summer

Gray skies and low thermometer readings are not known for sending people running to the pool, but they often do trigger dreams of warmer weather and all of its associated activities. For some, these thoughts of summer are tinged with fond anticipation, but for others, they prompt feelings of anxiety. Men with a condition known as gynecomastia, which causes the development of breasts, may face the prospect of an upcoming seasonal shift with a mixture of longing and dread.

Since gynecomastia has a range of causes—and is not merely a result of excess fat, but frequently involves the growth of glandular tissue—committed dieting and regular exercise may not be enough to get a chest back into a more traditionally masculine shape. Fortunately, surgery can help with male breast reduction, which is why winter is the ideal time to consider the procedure.

After a consultation, scheduling the surgery, and having the surgery itself, visible swelling and bruising can take a month to resolve. That puts men who opt for male breast reduction procedures early in a new year recovering by spring, just as the weather is starting to turn and the prospect of a shirtless afternoon is visible on the bright horizon.

In other cases, liposuction may be enough to resolve the problem, or the solution could be as simple as changing medications to allow hormones to get back into balance.

Learn more about gynecomastia and male breast reduction in St. Louis by calling West County Plastic Surgeons at 314.996.8800 or sending a message online. With Dr. Terry Myckatyn (director of cosmetic and breast plastic surgery at Washington University School of Medicine) and Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum (experienced in reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery) on staff, men with gynecomastia can be assured that leading innovators in the industry are working to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.