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What Sets Laser Lipo Apart?

Traditionally, a surgeon had to move a wand in a back-and-forth motion to physically break up the fat, making it more like a liquid for easier removal. While this is an effective means of fat removal, surgeons now also have the option of laser lipo. St. Louis’ West County Plastic Surgeons offers both liposuction methods, with the laser technique designed to cause less trauma during the procedure, translating to shorter recovery times and faster results.

Instead of using physical force to liquefy fat, laser lipo uses heat energy to rupture the cells and “melt” the unwanted cells. After this, they can be sucked away, never to return.

Laser lipo has two other advantages not found in the traditional tumescent procedure. First, using laser energy can reduce bleeding during the surgery, which further increases its safety and minimizes post-surgical bruising. Second, the energy delivered in a laser lipo treatment may stimulate collagen production. This beneficial skin component is a key element of healthy skin, encouraging the outermost layer to be smooth and tight, better conforming to newly slimmed down contours visible after a laser lipo session.

Small pockets of fat, such as the submental area beneath the chin, are particularly susceptible to laser lipo, but the West County Plastic Surgeons team will help each patient to determine which procedure is best applied, depending on the body area, amount of fat, and looseness of the skin involved. Contact them to learn more.