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It’s Now Easier Than Ever Before to Love Your Lips

At West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University, our talented team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants handle injectable treatments, including lip injections. St. Louis-area patients enjoy the artistry and special techniques they offer to anyone seeking to add volume for a fuller smile or pout.

In about 15 to 20 minutes, an injector can administer a custom-tailored treatment designed to not just enhance the lips, but also to make them look full, proportional, and balanced with the surrounding facial features.

The practice’s nurse practitioners and physician assistants have said that they truly enjoy enhancing patients’ lips, explaining that the variety of fillers available has improved the possible outcomes. Juvederm® VOLBELLA is designed specifically for use in the lips and around the mouth, Radiesse® can smooth out marionette lines, and BELOTERO Balance® fills in vertical lips lines. In fact, all of the fillers used at West County Plastic Surgeons are versatile and long-lasting. The injectors are trained to use them to their greatest effect, without sacrificing safety.

Now, injectors are even able to slightly “hydrate” the lips with a thinner filler to make them look plumper long term. Or they can use a thicker filler to plump and augment the lips for more projection. Years of research have also revealed that muscle activity in the mouth region can cause dermal filler results to not last as long as they would in areas that remain at rest. By judiciously applying small amounts of BOTOX®, injectors can reduce dynamic motion and extend the life of the filler results.

Advances and improvements in techniques have also allowed our injectors to decrease the risks of swelling and bruising while simultaneously improving patient comfort.

Learn more about modern lip injections in St. Louis by calling West County Plastic Surgeons at (314) 996-8800 or sending a message online.