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Unveiling Avéli: The Game-Changer for Cellulite Treatment

Are you bothered by the dimpled, “orange peel” texture of your skin, better known as cellulite? Many women—accounting for about 80 to 90 percent of the adult female population—share this concern. The struggle to find a remedy is real. Fortunately, one of the latest and most successful developments in the fight against cellulite is Avéli. St. Louis’ West County Plastic Surgeons offers this treatment, as well as education about what causes cellulite and how the revolutionary device works to make thighs and buttocks smoother.

Demystifying Cellulite

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss does not guarantee cellulite reduction. Women of all sizes grapple with this skin condition caused by contracted septae, which are connective tissue bands that pull down on the skin from the underside, creating visible dimples. Factors like genetics, diet, inactivity, metabolic rates, dehydration, and hormonal changes can elevate your risk of developing the cosmetic condition.

Introducing Aveli : A Modern Cellulite Solution

The secret of Avéli lies in its ability to directly combat cellulite at its roots by severing the contracted septa in specific areas like the buttocks and thighs. The treatment takes about an hour and employs a handheld device equipped with a hook and a small light. The surgeon inserts the device through a small incision into the upper dermis, locates the troublesome connective bands, and then severs them, leaving the skin smoother.

Gearing Up for Avéli: Evaluating Candidacy

Ideal candidates for Avéli cellulite treatment are between 25 and 45 and maintain realistic expectations for the treatment outcome.

Embracing Aveli: Treatment Perks

One of the best benefits of Avéli is its durable results. Studies indicate that the treatment can sustain cellulite reduction for at least a year. Additionally, the whole procedure is completed in a single session. The treatment process is minimally invasive, FDA-approved, and has demonstrated safety and effectiveness.

Post Avéli: Recovery Roadmap

Subsequent to your treatment, the team will take you through an aftercare process, which includes dressing application and providing compression leggings for speedy recovery. This process features no major discomfort, and patients generally get back to their normal routines and mild physical activities within 24 hours and two weeks, respectively.

Avéli: An Efficient and Effective Choice

While the medical world is flooded with various cellulite treatments of dubious distinction, Avéli outperforms the bulk of its would-be competitors due to its precision and long-lasting results. 

Ready to take control and reduce cellulite? Contact our team at West County Plastic Surgeons for your Avéli consultation. Let’s embrace the journey to smoother skin, together!