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West County Plastic Surgeons Shines a Light on New Treatment Options

Many patients come to West County Plastic Surgeons to get exactly what the name implies: plastic surgery. St. Louis men and women looking to make a change with liposuction or a lift know that the Washington University-based team offers a range of body sculpting options.

While nonsurgical choices have also been a part of the West County Plastic Surgeons practice for years, injectables and similar treatments began to play a bigger role in 2016. Earlier in the year, the practice expanded its spa services by growing into a larger office space and committing to increase its selection of available procedures.

Most recently, West County Plastic Surgeons acquired two lasers: the Elite+™ and the Palomar Icon™. Maker Cynosure® created the lasers to treat a range of cosmetic skin conditions. Between the two of them, patients can now enjoy permanent hair reduction, pigmented lesion removal, wrinkle reduction, and the destruction of spider veins and other visible vascular lesions.

You may remember from science class that darker colors absorb light as heat, which is the premise behind how the lasers work. Energy delivered to the skin is absorbed into the melanin, which is found in high concentrations in spots, lesions, surface veins, and hair follicles. When controlled with precision, the laser can selectively impact spots, moles, and similar cosmetic blemishes, ultimately clearing them away.  When absorbed by follicles, the heat causes damage that prevents new hair from growing properly. Heat can also safely collapse small veins that create dark lines or red patches on the face and legs.

West County Plastic Surgeons is increasingly about more than plastic surgery. Learn more about the new lasers and other options—noninvasive, plastic surgery, or something between the two—by contacting the office.