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Treat Your Skin to Specialized Care This Summer

At West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University, a lot of attention is given to our surgical procedures and minimally invasive treatments, but summer is a good time to also shine a spotlight on our spa.

With options ranging from facials to chemical peels to mico-needling, St. Louis-area men and women looking to counter the damaging effects of sun exposure have plenty of opportunity. Ultraviolet radiation can cause a wide variety of problems, with skin cancer probably the most obvious and serious concern. Sun exposure is also responsible for or contributes to a host of aesthetic issues, ranging from fine lines to brown spots to visible veins.

Many of these cosmetic conditions are centered on the uppermost layers of skin, so even simply peeling or abrading away the dead cells there can make a visible difference. Encouraging fresh collagen growth is also a beneficial strategy, as the protein improves the resilience and look of skin to give it a smoother texture and tighter appearance.

Of course, the best offense against sun damage is a good defense, which is why the West County Plastic Surgeons team encourages anyone who cares about minimizing the effects of UV exposure to practice smart summer skincare habits: Wear sunscreen every day, applying it 20 minutes before going outside and again every two hours—or more often if you’re enjoying water activities.

Plastic surgery patients should be especially vigilant about sun protection in order to give incisions the best change of healing properly. Sun exposure can cause scars to darken and appear more prominent as they form.

For more tips on how to look your best for the summer—and all year long—contact West County Plastic Surgeons in St. Louis by calling (314) 996-8800 or sending a message online.