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Does a Facelift Rejuvenate the Entire Face?

As plastic surgeons, we admit that the term “facelift” can be a little confusing. Patients who come to us seeking a facelift in St. Louis sometimes—quite understandably—believe that the procedure will address sagging and wrinkles on their entire face, from top to bottom. In actuality, the procedure technically known as a rhytidectomy is intended only for the area from the cheeks to the neck.

Anything above this region is, of course, still technically part of the face, but requires a unique surgery to address sagging and other signs of aging.

Tear troughs and drooping eyelids can be corrected with a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, which can lift sagging tissue on one or both lower lids, one or both upper lids, or all of the above. The result is a more refreshed look, and the surgery can even help improve a field of vision that has begun to be obscured by an encroaching upper lid.

Frown lines and forehead wrinkles require a brow lift, which focuses on smoothing out the uppermost region of the face and lightening the heavy appearance that can come from a drooping brow.

The facelift is ideal for reducing the look of cheek hollows, folds and creases around the mouth, jowls, and loose neck skin. The lowermost cosmetic issues may also improve with help from a neck lift.

Any of these surgeries can stand alone, especially if a patient is showing signs of aging in one particular place. They can also be combined as necessary, which may be recommended to avoid the problem of one part of the face looking 10 years younger than the rest, creating a visually jarring contrast.

Note, too, that all of these surgeries mentioned are for adjusting facial contours, not the quality of the skin itself. Fine lines, sun spots, acne, scars, and other blemishes, lesions, and marks are best handled by any of a range of nonsurgical treatments that impact the surface.

Ultimately, the goal with a facelift and other facial surgeries and treatments is harmony.

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