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Consider Winter/Spring CoolSculpting® for Summer Results

Our previous post explored a range of fat-reduction methods, surgical and nonsurgical, but one in particular is worth a closer look this winter/spring season: CoolSculpting®. St. Louis’ West County Plastic Surgeons of Jefferson County offers the fat-destroying treatment for men and women seeking a way to re-contour their bodies without the need for incisions or subsequent recovery-focused down time.

Whereas liposuction delivers essentially instantaneous results, the slimming effects of CoolSculpting® are more gradual. It takes weeks for fat cells damaged by cold to begin dying off and get eliminated from the body on a noticeable scale. Some patients may start to see a change after three weeks, but altered contours are generally visible in about two to three months.

Each CoolSculpting® session results in an average 20 percent reduction in the existing fat, and it may take multiple sessions to achieve desired results, so the cold winter months represent the ideal time to start working on a belly or other areas that might see the sun in the summer.

A late-winter/early-spring CoolSculpting® session can kick off a treatment or two that will pay off most noticeably by the time June and July bring blue skies and higher temperatures.

Find out more about CoolSculpting® in St. Louis at West County Plastic Surgeons of Jefferson County. Contact the office online, or call 314-996-8800. During your consultation, you can explain the final aesthetic results you’re aiming for, and get an idea of what procedures or treatments would best work to deliver them—and what the expected timeline would be.