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What Can You Do to Make Facial Fillers Last Longer?

You might sometimes look in the mirror and be shocked to see wrinkles that seem to have formed overnight—but if you do, there’s no need to panic. Wrinkles are a normal aspect of aging, and they actually form gradually over time, starting off as faint lines that become deeper as your skin produces less collagen and loses elasticity. Static wrinkles, which are visible even when your face isn’t moving, may start to appear anywhere between your 20s and 40s. Luckily, there are minimally invasive techniques to give your skin a more youthful and fresh look if you’re bothered by wrinkles and not ready for surgery, such as a facelift. Injectable fillers from our St. Louis-based office not only smooth out wrinkles by giving skin some extra volume, but can also enhance facial contours by adding more plumpness or definition to the cheeks and lips. 

Due to their zero-recovery time and the results visible as soon as patients leave the office, many people not only enjoy their treatments, but also wish their results lasted longer. Patients do eventually need to get more injections to maintain their look, since the body metabolizes filler over time.

For anyone hoping to maximize the longevity of their results, know that there are strategies for getting the most out of filler injections.

Adhere to Aftercare Instructions

Follow all post-treatment guidelines, such as avoiding placing too much pressure on your face by rubbing, massaging, or manipulating the skin during the first 24 to 48 hours, not engaging in intense exercise for the first day or two, and not sleeping on your side or stomach for some time.

Maintain Great Skincare Practices

Always combine facial fillers with a solid routine to preserve healthy skin. Along with your basic regimen of cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating, protect your skin from damage as much as possible by wearing sunscreen.

Take Care of Yourself

Other healthy lifestyle habits—such as managing stress, eating a healthy diet, not smoking, getting an adequate amount of sleep, exercising regularly, and drinking water—can delay signs of aging and make your skin more healthy and resilient.

Consider Neuromodulators

Muscle activity can hasten the breakdown of fillers, so relaxing key muscles—such as with a BOTOX® session—can create conditions more ideal to long-lasting results.

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