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BOTOX® Has a Long History of Medical Uses

When it comes to BOTOX®, St. Louis West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University team uses it regularly to smooth out unwanted lines on patients’ foreheads and to the sides of their eyes, as well as to curb excessive sweating under the arms or on the palms and to balance out facial muscles for a more symmetrical look after nerve paralysis. The injectable is a go-to cosmetic treatment, though many people—especially those with questions about its safety—might not realize that doctors were using it for medical conditions long before it was approved by the FDA to temporarily relax wrinkle-forming muscles and overactive sweat glands.

Though West County Plastic Surgeons uses BOTOX® strictly for its cosmetic applications, the injectors are aware of its track record of safety, built on years of medical study and research, with every injection.

Notably, BOTOX® is ideal for bringing temporary relief to sufferers of conditions that involve a loss of muscle control, mainly due to spams. The earliest FDA approvals for medical uses came in 1989, when the agency gave it the green light for addressing two eye-related problems: eyelid spasms that cause rapid blinking and a condition known as strabismus, which causes the eyes to pull their focus inward (for a cross-eyed look) or outward, toward the sides of the head.

Other approved medical uses help ease suffering from neck-muscle spasms, chronic migraines, overactive bladder, and upper- and lower-limb spasticity.

Each of these applications was approved only after rigorous testing and studies by medical professionals, and each one also gives weight to the safety and efficacy of BOTOX® overall.

Talk to the West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University team about BOTOX® for wrinkles, excessive sweating and facial balance. The experienced injectors can fill you in on how the injectable works, as well as its longstanding reputation in both the cosmetic and medical communities. Contact the office online to learn more, or call (314) 996-8800.