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Considering Plastic Surgery in St. Louis for After the Holidays?

The colder months tend to turn some people’s minds to plastic surgery in St. Louis. Why? Compare which notch you’re using on your belt today with which notch you’re using about a month from now.

If a person is going to indulge in foods that would otherwise literally be off the table in terms of a diet, the holidays are when it happens. Unless you count Halloween candy (and why wouldn’t you?), Thanksgiving is the day that traditionally kicks off the seemingly endless parade of eating that carries through plate after plate of leftovers and leads to fresh-baked Christmas cookies, overstuffed potlucks, and “just this once” treats that turn into “just these five or six times” treats. Come New Year’s Day, regretful diners vow to lose the extra pounds, with restrictive menus and diets taking over for maybe a few days. And then it’s time for snacks to eat while watching the big game!

Anyone thinking of plastic surgery as a quick fix to the problem of a bulge here or extra curve there should know that while procedures are safe, reliable, and effective, many body contouring procedures require that patients be within a certain number of pounds of their ideal weight and maintain a stable weight for some time. This is for health reasons, as well as to maximize the aesthetic results and ensure they’re as long-lasting as possible. Liposuction, for instance, is not a weight-loss procedure, but an aesthetic surgery to help remove stubborn fat.

Patients who care for their bodies and approach plastic surgery with realistic expectations—and then commit to living a lifestyle that maintains the cosmetic changes—experience greater satisfaction with their results.

Go ahead and eat that gingerbread man or have a cup of eggnog, but remember that body contouring and other plastic surgery works best when you do your part to care for your body, too.

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