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Tissue Liquefaction Technology for Liposuction and Fat Grafting

Our body contours don’t always look the way we want them to, with some areas bulging from too much fat and other areas looking like they could use a bit more, whether due to genetics or the effects of trauma or surgery. Fortunately, our bodies are just about as good as creating a solution as they are at creating the problem in the first place. They just tend to need a little help. The answer is in fat—and more specifically in tissue liquefaction technology and liposuction. St. Louis’ West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University offers both to help women and men harness the power of their own fat.

The technique works because fat cells can be removed from one region, refined, and injected elsewhere. The process is technically straightforward, but it requires two things to maximize results: minimal harm to the donor area and careful treatment of the fat to ensure its viability for transfer.

Traditional liposuction involves the surgeon manually moving a wand called a cannula back and forth to loosen fat for removal. More recent advances accomplish the same thing with focused heat or other energy. All of these techniques separate the fat cells from the connective tissue holding them in place, but they also can also damage the blood vessels and more, leading to post-operative recovery times sufficiently long enough to allow for bruises and pain to fade.

Tissue liquefaction makes use of sterile, heated water that streams along tissue pulled gently into a specialized cannula, inserted through a very small incision. The cells flow out, the non-fat tissue goes back to the way it was before, and recovery times are reduced.

Our doctors have worked with this method for years, seeing firsthand the benefits it offers for patients.

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