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A Brief Overview of Incisions for Breast Implants in St Louis

Patients interested in learning more about breast augmentation can see where the West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University blog has already discussed implant types and shapes. Another major important decision for women considering breast implants in St. Louis is incision placement. The three main incisions used at West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University

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BOTOX® Has a Long History of Medical Uses

When it comes to BOTOX®, St. Louis’ West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University team uses it regularly to smooth out unwanted lines on patients’ foreheads and to the sides of their eyes, as well as to curb excessive sweating under the arms or on the palms and to balance out facial muscles for a

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What Sets Laser Lipo Apart?

Traditionally, a surgeon had to move a wand in a back-and-forth motion to physically break up the fat, making it more like a liquid for easier removal. While this is an effective means of fat removal, surgeons now also have the option of laser lipo. St. Louis’ West County Plastic Surgeons offers both liposuction methods,

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A Brief History of Lip Injections

From Angelina Jolie to Kylie Jenner, plump lips have long been the focal point of magazine cover photos, and they continue to inspire woman to put their aesthetic attention where their mouth is. While there are plenty of tips available for people who want to accentuate their poutiest feature with makeup, lip injections at St.

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3 Things to Look for In a Strong Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in St Louis

Here are three things about board certification that will help you select the right plastic surgeon for you. 1. A Plastic Surgeon Should Have ASPS Certification The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon must go through a stringent education and postgraduate training to

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What You Need to Know About a Mommy Makeover

During and after pregnancy, the breasts increase and decrease in size and sometimes sag. Women gain and lose weight, sometimes resulting in folds around the abdomen. And women who choose to give birth vaginally may also find they want to undo the changes that come with it. A mommy makeover tackles all of these issues

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Breast Augmentation

The most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States is breast augmentation. The St. Louis-based team at West County Plastic Surgeons of Washington University notes this fact each year when the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases the results of its annual survey. The numbers reveal the surgeries and other procedures that member surgeons

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Botox in St. Louis is a Growing Option for Men

“Brotox”—a recently developed slang term for BOTOX® injections for men—is increasing in popularity around the country, lending proof to the idea that concern about aging is now a cross-gender phenomenon. BOTOX® in St. Louis is no exception to this trend. Lines, double chins, or sagging skin can be as concerning for men looking to keep

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CoolSculpting is the name of a device put out by a company called Zeltiq. CoolSculpting involves a new approach to removing stubborn fat called “cryolipolysis”. A localized bulge of fat – such as the flank or bra strap roll – is placed in an applicator for 1 hour. The machine cools the fat cells which

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