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Happy Patient'S STORY

Age: 64

Procedures: Liposuction , Tummy Tuck

In my twenties I had two cesareans, delivering our beautiful children, but leaving my stomach with excess skin. For years my weight fluctuated and I dreamt of abdominal surgery.

During my forties and again in my fifties, I visited two plastic surgeons, both highly recommended. I did not feel comfortable with either one.

As I approached age 65 I saw myself entering a new phase of life.  I regretted not having the surgery before so I was determined to get it done.

Dr. Tenenbaum was referred to me and at my first visit, I immediately knew this was right. She was calm, confident, warm and a good listener. Finally I felt like I was in good hands to achieve this dream.

After consultation, I would wait three months (by choice) for surgery. The brief overnight hospital stay is a blur, but all went smoothly.

I could not believe the results. A few days later, I saw the staff at the office. What an amazing group of people; each one was kind, sensitive, supportive and could not have been more compassionate. Everyone shared my excitement and there was a personal commitment to help in EVERY possible way. I never felt rushed and post-surgery appointments were an important part of my abdominoplasty and liposuction recovery. I am a very private person and my privacy was respected in every way.  Now, six months later, I have a new life. I am OVERWHELMED with results that allow me to feel NORMAL!!! Results that allow me to enjoy buying a new wardrobe, and results that give me a positive self-image.

The anticipation of having the surgery was an incentive to lose weight and the result of the surgery is an incentive to keep it off permanently.

Approaching my 65th birthday, I have a fresh (and healthier) start in life and a new respect for myself! It has been an amazing journey and without reservation I would strongly recommend Dr. Tenenbaum and her staff to anyone considering plastic surgery. 

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