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Gynecomastia Surgery

My father is Washington University medical faculty, and I had expressed that I wanted very good surgeons and medical professionals for this procedure. He contacted the department. It was the best compromise between quality and location I had access to. The physician recommended excision of gynecomastia without liposuction. I had surgery two to three weeks after my initial appointment, and I recovered with essentially no pain whatsoever in about six weeks. This was arguably the best experience I have had with healthcare to date. The office where I had my consultation and checkups was a clean, inviting environment. Every nurse I worked with was phenomenal—the best I've had, certainly. Dr. Tenenbaum was enthusiastic, professional, and did an incredible job. The results of my surgery can best be described as life changing. A complete transformation with virtually no visible scarring. My confidence is through the roof. I can wear whatever shirt I want without having to think about if my nipples are going to look weird. I have had a noticeable reduction in my anxiety and social apprehension. I feel so much better about my body image. I would tell someone considering West County Plastic Surgeons about the pristine nature of the office, and how good everyone was at their job every step of the way. The track records of the physicians at their clinic, and specifically that of Dr. Tenenbaum, should have anyone feeling very comfortable and optimistic about their procedure. My results exceeded expectations. Dr. Tenenbaum is one of the best, as her track record says.

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