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Glynnis'S STORY

Age: 31

Procedures: Tummy Tuck

After a long pregnancy and delivery of twins, my stomach had severely stretched. I was totally unhappy with the sight of all the extra skin and bulging of my abdominal area.

I had previously seen a doctor before coming to West County Plastic Surgeons with whom I didn't feel comfortable. As soon as I met Dr. Myckatyn, I felt at ease. He recommended that we remove the excess skin and fat and tighten my abdominal wall. He said this would be easily accomplished with an abdominoplasty procedure. As I left my consultation, I knew I had chosen the right doctor.

At each appointment, Dr. Myckatyn kept me aware of everything that would take place. He set realistic goals and always made sure that my expectations stayed in context with the outcome of my surgery.

My surgery was completed in early March and I was back at work, performing rigorous Air Force physical training, in six weeks.

Words cannot express how happy I am with the results. My confidence is back, and my wardrobe shows it! Before, I was unable to enjoy simple things like family summer vacations because I didn't want to wear a swimsuit. This summer we took a family vacation to a water resort. I enjoyed every moment with my kids. I am so happy! No more frumpy tops that hide my stomach, not to mention my husband loves my "new tummy!"

If I were to recommend West County Plastic Surgery to friends, I'd tell them that West County will take care of all of your needs. If they have any doubt about the complexity of surgery, they couldn't ask for a better surgeon than Dr. Myckatyn. He'll make sure that you understand the process from beginning to end. His staff is the best and they'll be very pleased with every aspect of the process.

If you have questions or would like to book a consultation with one of the surgeons at West County Plastic Surgery, please call (314) 996-8800.

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