Age: 39

Procedures: DIEP Flap, Breast Reconstruction

How did you find out about us and choose West County Plastic Surgeons?
Highly recommended by Dr. Julie Margenthaler (Washington University breast surgeon)

What did the Physician recommended?
Double mastectomy with Diep flap

What was the timeline from the consultation to surgery recovery?
July 13, 2016 consultation; September 8, 2016 surgery; September 12, 2017 fully recovered

What positive experienced did you have at every step? (Service, education, peaceful environment, etc.)
Extremely helpful staff at WCPS. Dr. Myckatyn listened to every fear, question and was always available.

How do you feel about the results of your surgery?
Very pleased. Dr. Myckatyn is brilliant and very talented surgeon. Such a phenomenal guy with excellent bedside manner. He went above and beyond. 

How have the results changed your life? 
I no longer have the fear of breast cancer that took the life of my aunts and affected the life of my mother, grandmother and cousins. It financially devastated them. I no longer have that worry.

If you were to recommend West County Plastic Surgeons to friends, what would you tell them about us?

Best choice and decision I ever made. Very understanding staff who truly care. Professional with the personal touch.

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