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Age: 50

Procedures: Breast Reconstruction

I came to Dr. Tenenbaum following my diagnosis of Stage I invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer) found in my right breast.

Dr. Tenenbaum thoroughly reviewed all of my options including a lumpectomy, single mastectomy and bilateral mastectomy. She reviewed every single advantage of all three surgeries as well as complications with each surgery. She gave me statistics on the long-term prognosis with each selected option. With this much knowledge given to me from the staff and Dr. Tenenbaum, my decision was fairly easy and peace came to me once my decision was made. Knowledge was a powerful gift.

Along with my family, I researched plastic surgeons extensively locally, as well as nationwide, at the time of my diagnosis. I interviewed three plastic surgeons as the time neared for my surgery. Dr. Tenenbaum was so informative, knowledgeable, compassionate and orderly that it was an easy selection for me. Her entire staff worked together beautifully to bring me comfort as I faced this challenging procedure. They were all absolutely amazing, as well as compassionate. I knew I was in the best hands literally.

The timeline was selected based on the completion of my chemotherapy. It was timely and well-organized. I was thoroughly prepared for what I was facing, and things with follow-up were timely, as well.

The positive experiences that I experienced are too many to type in this small space but include: timely service; compassionate and knowledgeable receptionist; compassionate nurses, knowledgeable about every single step in this process; numerous questions answered; environment that was peaceful and conducive to wellness. My future looked bright, and each and every time I returned to the office, I  could see happiness and wellness on their faces. I could see the joy it brought the staff, and they gently helped me return to a well, thankful, confident woman.  It was an all-empowering and compassionate environment – a perfect setting when facing such a challenge.

My results are absolutely beautiful! The healing process was challenging, but my pain was managed very well. Any questions or concerns were promptly answered even if it was the middle of the night. Recovery was very similar to what the staff had prepared me for. Kindness was everywhere. Physical appearance following surgery was beautiful. The scars are minimal and I see them as victory marks!

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