Rosana'S STORY

Age: 41

Procedures: Breast Reconstruction

Rosana underwent a revision of a breast reconstruction surgery.

I came to see Dr. Tenenbaum for a consultation on revision of a breast reconstruction surgery. I had a double mastectomy and was being followed by another plastic surgeon.

Dr. Tenenbaum recommended I have a revision of my breast reconstruction. I had multiple surgeries that included revision of the left implant, encompassing revision of the implant pocket and removal of excess skin; nipple reconstruction and tattooing; and fat grafting to the left breast.

The overall timeframe from consultation to surgery to recovery was a few years, but this was because I had multiple surgeries. My last surgery from consult to surgery was a few months because of pre-approval from my insurance company. My recovery from the last surgery was one week.

I had done a lot of research on finding the best breast reconstruction surgeons. The staff  was very pleasant and friendly. Dr. Tenenbaum is wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about her.

I love the results! Dr. T. did a fabulous job! I wish she had completed my first reconstruction surgery. She is very knowledgeable, very professional and treats patients with a lot of respect.

Losing both breasts made me feel like a freak. Dr. T. has made me feel whole again! I have my confidence back.

I recommend West County Plastic Surgeons to anyone considering plastic surgery. As I tell my story, I share my love and respect for Dr. T.

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