Tanisha'S STORY

Age: 44

Procedures: Breast Reduction

Why did you choose West County Plastic Surgeons?
I read reviews and reviewed Dr. Tenenbaum online, and they were great reviews.

What was the timeline from consultation to surgery to recovery?
About 6 months.

What positive experiences did you have at every step?
The entire process was amazing from the first consultation to the final post-follow-up. The surgical team, the front desk, the assistants, and, of course, Dr. Tenenbaum were extremely easy to talk to, understanding, caring and professional.

How do you feel about the results of your surgery?
I am ecstatic! It is absolutely beautiful and helped tremendously with my upper back pain.

Have the results changed your life?
Yes, yes, yes! I feel better most days and pain-free a lot of days. My confidence has gotten better.

If you were to recommend West County Plastic Surgeons to friends, what would you tell them about us?
This place is a Godsend. This entire group of people are very knowledgeable with what they do. I was in a very bad helicopter crash in the military, and I sustained chronic back pain. I have been through so many doctors, and I truly believe I was sent to Dr. Tenenbaum to help make my recovery process better. She is an absolutely amazing surgeon, and her staff is just as amazing. You can't go wrong here.


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