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Theresa'S STORY

After losing 160 pounds, I had difficulty seeing the results of my accomplishment because of excess skin. While I was proud of my success and living a much healthier lifestyle, I felt uncomfortable in my new body, as it was a constant reminder of who I was before I had lost the weight. It was difficult to move forward with my new life and see what other opportunities were available to me as a thinner, healthier person.

When I went to see Dr. Myckatyn, both he and his staff were incredibly warm and supportive. During the initial consultation, Dr. Myckatyn asked where I thought my problem areas were. Based on the feedback I gave him, he offered suggestions, which were great! Not once did he suggest a procedure on an area I did not bring up first. He gave me options in regards to the types of procedures and the potential results, and also showed me several examples of other patients who had the same procedures I was considering, which gave me a realistic expectation of the results.

After meeting with Dr. Myckatyn and receiving the quote for my procedures, I decided to ask him to be my physician. I had my initial consultation in December 2007, and my procedure was done in May 2008. I am a student and asked to have the procedures done during the summer to better accommodate my schedule. The scheduling office was more than happy to oblige.

I could not be happier with my results! My new body is now a testament of who I am and how far I have come. I don't know if I can accurately express the fondness I feel for Dr. Myckatyn. What he has done for me is so much more than making me "look" better. I feel I now have the permission to live the life I was intended to live. I have the confidence and motivation to challenge myself in ways I never thought possible. I am forever grateful for what he and his staff have done for me, and I will never forget them. My hope is that on days when they are struggling and frustrated, they think of patients like me whose lives they have impacted, and it helps make it all worthwhile.

I have already recommended Dr. Myckatyn to others. While I do not feel I need more surgical procedures at this time in my life, I do intend to have laser hair removal done at his office very soon.

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