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Tracie'S STORY

Breast Lift – Tracie's Story

I found out about West County Plastic Surgeons through a web search. I chose the board-certified Washington University affiliation because of its highly regarded reputation, and I specifically wanted a female doctor. Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum recommended breast lift with implants. The timeline from consultation to surgery to recovery was six months—very close to what I was told to expect, but a little longer than I anticipated. I felt best at 12 weeks post, but I did have some liposuction that took longer than the breast procedures. My experience was positive in all aspects. Step 1: I made an appointment with the friendly staff for a consultation. Step 2: At my consultation appointment, Dr. Tenenbaum was very professional and compassionate and understanding. I was very pleased that my anxiety and embarrassment were not needed and put to rest! Step 3: There was no pressure to decide, but I was given all info and scheduling requirements to proceed—which I did finalize, of course! I LOVE the results! It's better than I expected and everything I had hoped! I am still learning how this has changed my life, as I still can't believe I went through with it! I am amazed every day! The biggest change is in my own self-confidence and selfsatisfaction. West County Plastic Surgeons are professional, compassionate, and know what they are doing! I had zero bad experiences in each aspect of each visit. Thank you, nurses and staff—and thank you, Dr. Tenenbaum!

—T, 52

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